Zoe McCarthy

Hi I’m Zoe I have a huge passion for what I teach and truly believe in the amazing interconnection that is the Pilates Method. I acknowledge that we are all uniquely different in how we move what we feel & don’t feel where pain & tightness is experienced & will create a class that is personalised for you.
My personal experience with Pilates started off as an exercise that simple made me feel really good;

After years of group & private classes; In 2016 I decided to take on a certificate in the Mat program because that’s were it all started for me – basically rolling around on the floor.

I was Introverted & nervous with no idea how I was going to stand in front of people and give them direction, What I didn’t realise is Pilates gave me more than an exercise to “do “ I felt grounded & connected I genuinely found power & Inner Strength & what do you know total belief in myself – It’s not just an exercise to me it’s a life changer. I completed the 500hr Diploma with Pilates International training centre in 2017 & never looked back. Each year I complete different movement methods & anatomy base programs accreditation through Pilates Alliance Australia to keep up to date with current movement sciences

I have absolute belief in the Pilates method from the Mat to the equipment how one piece connects to the other & each piece will assist & challenge you, which is why it’s perfect for everyone & everybody. I personally feel It will not only help the acute reason you may of investigated Pilates in the first place – it will give you your own personal gem with out even realising.