Carolyn Rule

Group Instructor / Yoga

Carolyn’s love for yoga started in her 20’s when she ended her ballet career to have her 2 babies.

The beautiful lines and symmetry and flow of yoga gets her out of her head and into her breath and body. Her passion for exercise and wellness moves her into the yoga studios to pass on her love and passion to you.
Carolyn says “Yoga allows us to be completely immersed in what we are doing on our mat and to take these lessons off our mat, into our real lives.”

She did her yoga teacher training with Power Living Yoga and completed her Barre training with Barre Attack.
Her classes are strong and athletic, however these are always combined with softness, in the way we flow with our breath. She says “We make shapes with our body watching alignment and breath at all times. Our bodies are the container for our breath”.

In her spare time you will find her running the beaches and trails with her crazy kelpie or lying on a beach.