Pilates Assessment

A Pilates Assessment is required before joining our Pilates group classes if your new to our practice. The assessment goes for half an hour and is performed by our university qualified practitioner to determine goals and limitations.
Assessment includes muscle flexibility, strength, range of motion, and motor control.

During this assessment, the Physio will ask you about:
Your health and wellbeing,
Current and previous injury history,
Your reasons for wanting to start Pilates, and your goals.
There will be a small ‘movement’ assessment, where you will be asked to perform some simple movements, and the Physio will also have a look at your posture, and your ability to use, or ‘switch on’ certain muscles.

This assessment gives the Physio a much clearer idea of the type of exercises that will suit you, and they can then prescribe the perfect program for your body.

We ask that you wear comfortable clothing to the assessment that allows you to move.