Nikki Symons

Nikki completed her remedial massage diploma in 2005 and over the years, due to her love of natural therapies and healing, and through her relationship with her clients, she felt that other modalities were necessary to achieve their goals.

This led to her research into kinesiology and how it can heal on every level and that pain can be alleviated through this modality as well as relieving stress, depression, digestive disorders and most common disabling issues.

She now practices both kinesiology and remedial massage as two separate modalities but will often use the muscle testing skills of kinesiology to determine muscle strength and function in her remedial treatments.

Remedial massage treatments usually consist of deep tissue, positional release, structural assessments and corrections and cupping. she is also trained in lymphatic drainage.

Nikki has successfully treated headaches, sciatica, RSI, frozen shoulder, muscle pain and limited range of movement in joints and many other conditions.

Come and have a chat and she will happily answer any question and let you know how she can help you.