Kelly Scoble

Admin/Colon Hydrotherapist/Group Instructor

Kelly has always been focused living a balanced fit and healthy lifestyle. Her passion for fitness lead her into studying her certificate III and IV in fitness back in 2009 and from there she ran her own outdoor fitness business mostly based around getting parents and their children out and moving. 

Kelly then landed a position at studio 4 many years ago as practice manager and a little bit of an all rounder . Her passion for the studio shines through in her bubbly personality’s After being challenged with her own health issues she was recommended she have a colonic and from that day on gut health became a new way of life. Kelly has been faced with losing loved ones from mental health issues and  mis a huge believer in the link between gut health and mental health. Healthy gut healthy mind. Kelly is looking forward to introducing your all to the world of detox and colon hydrotherapy which is now available under the roof of Studio 4.