Bec Sedgman

Bec is a senior therapist at Studio 4 and has over 20 years experience in the health industry. Bec has come from a background in teaching health education, and specialises in working with elite athletes. Her focus is injury rehabilitation and pain management incorporating her skills as both an accredited exercise physiologist and physical therapist to best meet the needs of her patients.

She has treated various athletes for many years through her work at the WA Institute of Sport, Olympic athlete program, and Sydney Olympics. Bec has experience in a wide variety of pre & post surgical work, return to work programs and stroke/injury rehabilitation, working in these area’s since 1995. Women’s health (pregnancy), all dancing needs from pre pointe assessments to treatment, Scoliosis, and TMJ/headache problems are some special interest area’s for Bec.

She is qualified in numerous post graduate areas, such as myofascial dry needling (acupuncture), soft tissue therapy, and exercise programming and prescription, having a Degree in Human Movement Science; this enables clients to receive services on the EPC & DVA programs for Exercise Physiology. She has a strong focus on re- training and educating patients about their musculo-skeletal problems, and uses techniques such as Onsen therapy (structural alignment), manual therapy, pressure point and trigger point therapies with focus on functional work.

Bec had the vision to open an Allied Health and Injury Rehabilitation Centre with a number of modalities under the one roof to service the community with quality care and guidance.