Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga is practiced using a silk swing, suspended from the ceiling, to support and assist movement and postures. Aerial yoga is safe and completely supported, and helps you to strengthen your body against gravity as well as use gravity to stretch deeper. And most of all, it’s heaps of fun to fly around and do some aerial tricks if you want to challenge yourself.

Our unique point of difference is offering specific classes for specific needs, either a more slower stretch, or a stronger, more athletic type of aerial work.

Our classes suit a number of different levels of fitness which doesn’t alienate anyone.

Studio 4 is the first on the southern Gold Coast to offer classes of this type, originating in New York but now being practised in several countries, which combines the traditional yoga poses, pilates, acrobatics and dance with the use of a hammock.

In addition to the aerial yoga, the business provides floating mediation classes where the silk hammocks are used as a safe cocoon of floating calmness and peace.